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How Was It for You? - Memories of the 1940s is a collection of hundreds of peoples’ personal memories from the decade of the 1940s. The stories and reminiscences have been generously donated by individuals living across the UK and abroad. Some recall humorous or emotional incidents unconnected with the world around them; others describe episodes that have a direct connection to the major events of the day. Obviously, the memories are dominated by incidents during the war. 1940s NostalgiaWritten in a variety of styles, all recall a time very different to the present day and all who lived at that time will feel a sense of belonging and possibly a tinge of regret that this time has now passed. Younger readers may be astonished at some of the day to day activities that were taken for granted by their older relatives.
The book begins with a short overview of the decade. In addition, there is a key fact or facts from each month. The main focus, however, is not on well-documented historical events but on ordinary people’s own personal reminiscences that have been grouped into various themes:

A Slice of Life
The War at Home
The Blitz
Doing My Bit
The View from Over the Water
After the War

The memories paint a picture of life as it was lived by the individuals concerned. Some led similar lives. Some had very different experiences. All are real people sharing their memories with the rest of us

Like the other books in this series, How Was It for You? - Memories of the 1940s is not a comprehensive view of life at the time. It is a series of snapshots of life as it was lived by ordinary people. People like you and I.

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