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Both books are also available to order through leading bookstores, such as W H Smith and Waterstones, though you are very unlikely to find them stocked on the shelves. If you wish to order the books please quote the following information:

Both books are also available to order through most online bookstores either as ebook downloads or printed books. A sample of these websites include:

Barnes and Noble
Blackwells Blackwells Online
The Book Place

ebooks on

1920s-1960s I Remember When I Was Young

1940s How Was It For You?

Feedback would be appreciated from you, particularly if you have tried to order the book from a bookstore and they have not been able to help you (see the Contact Me section).

Signed Copies

Alternatively, you can order a copy of the book direct from the author. This will be a signed copy and can be posted to anywhere in the world. The cost is £11-99p per copy + p&p.

If you would like to order a signed copy of either of these books direct from the author, please click here.




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